Colors in Nature

Colors in Nature
We get use to all the colors around us, the subtle shades of yellows, greens, greys, browns, whites and blues ~ the softness of the black. The energy of natures colors embrace us everyday and they filter through our body bringing balance and peace. Take a moment and become aware of the life energy interpreted in color... Breath it in, feel it and enjoy.


I am offering Auricular Therapy, Chinese Reflexology and Chromotherapy sessions.
* Color Therapy Chakra Balancing ~ 1 hr. sessions: $35.00
* Chromotherapy ~ 1-1/2 hr. sessions: : $50.00
* Chromotherapy ~ 2 hr sessions: $60.00
* Auricular Therapy & Colorpuncture ~ $45.00 per session
* Chinese Reflexology ~ $ 55.00 per session
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innerpathways22@yahoo.ca - 1-250-499-5209

(Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Hamsters...)
For more information or to make an appointment: innerpathways22@yahoo.ca

If you are wanting to make an appointment or need more information on the various workshops please contact me at: innerpathways22@yahoo.ca

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing


How Colour Therapy Works

Colour can be applied by various means such as shining light on the body through coloured filters or lenses, through drinking or bathing in solarized water, and visualization. Even the colour of clothing worn and foods eaten have an affect upon the body. The colours in one's environment and the type of lighting used also have a profound effect.

We are energetic beings. Within our physical bodies is a natural system of lights which is generated within the DNA of each cell and is amplified and broadcast by the cells as a way to communicate with other cells. Groups of cells create electro-magnetic fields which reflect the status of the organs. These electromagnetic fields both store information and guide how the body grows and develops. This information can be perceived as coloured light.

The information in these fields is easily changed with applications of coloured light. Colours are a way of transferring information and energy into matter. The cells communicate with each other through photons, light waves. This process is called bio-communications.

When colour reaches a cell, the electrons in the cells re-organize. Some absorb photons and jump into higher frequency orbits. Others release photons, and the electrons settle back down into less excited states. In both occasions, the photon-electron activity sets up energy and information impulses that travel instantly through the body. These impulses interact with the other regulatory systems of the body, especially the endocrine and nervous systems, and thereby take effect to harmonize whole body activity.

Also, as the cells absorb energy, they set the stage to later release this same energy. When the energy is released, it is released as a weak electro-magnetic field. In colour light therapy terms, this means that the cells will resonate to certain colours of light, and then release this energy back as a weak colour field.

Colour therapy using coloured light beams can be performed easily. The client does not have to remove any clothing and the procedure is painless. http://www.mcs.ca/


I am offering Color Therapy Sessions and Chinese Reflexology in Penticton and Similkameen Valley. Also I will travel to your home in the Keremeos area and give a Color Therapy session there.. For more information, or to schedule an Appointment: innerpathways22@yahoo.ca or 250.499.5209

Auricular Therapy for Small Animals

Auricular Therapy for Small Animals

AURICULAR THERAPY ~ For People & Animals

Auricular medicine uses the ear for healing purposes. The external ear is a highly sensitive organ that contains many nerves, each of which connects to the central nervous system of the body.

This ear — nerve — brain — body connection is called a reflex. In conjunction with this reflex system there is an image of the body outlined on the ear.

This image is similar to that of a fetus with its head down in the lobe of the ear and the hands and feet pointing upward toward the top of the ear.

Every gland, organ and tissue has a corresponding place or acupuncture point on the ear.

Auricular medicine is an energetic reflex technique that uses the radial pulse of the wrist and energetic filters which represent healthy tissue to detect treatable points on the ear.
These points that are identified on the ear represent the location of specific imbalances within the body.

The ear becomes the vehicle through which the imbalances can be detected and the body can be treated. It allows for the identification of and effective treatment of the cause of a person's health concerns — not just the symptoms.

Auricular Medicine can be helpful for:
* Functional disturbances: liver, gall bladder, kidney and intestine
* Stomach and pancreatic conditions
* Endocrine problems
* Allergies
* Nervous system disturbances: depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and mood swings
* Pain disorders: headaches, migraine, herpes zoster
* Fatigue
* Infections: sinus, ear, bladder
* Skin problems
* Autoimmune and chronic diseases
* Yeast, viral, bacterial and parasitic overgrowth

Auricular Medicine corrects imbalances by stimulating the body’s own healing process.

AURICULAR THERAPY - For People & Animals
To Make an Appointment: Sue Peters ~ innerpathways22@yahoo.ca or 250-499-5209.
Lower Similkameen & South Okanagan


The Five Elements are aspects of Qi. These are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In the poetic language of the Five Elements, health is a harmonious balance of all the elements. The Qi of the elements waxes and wanes in daily and seasonal cycles. Each one of us is a unique and characteristic blend of the influences of all the elements.


The Five Elements Support and Control Each Other:

Everything we find in our external or internal terrain belongs to one of the Five Elements, each of which has supporting and controlling relationships with the other elements. When the Five Elements – within our bodies or external environments – are balanced, we experience health and prosperity. When they’re out of balance – overacting, counteracting, or failing to properly support one another – we experience dis-ease of one sort or another.

In the re-balancing process, ChromoTherapy works with Colors, Crystals, the Chinese Five Element Theory, the Meridians and the Chakra System. The combination of these Powerful Energies play a vital role in aligning yourself into a Healthy Balanced Life.



Electic Violet

Electic Violet
Electric Violet is a combination of a deep, dark violet with divine golden sparkles zapping around within it. This is a very high frequency energy and is good for transformation, spiritual clarity, connection to higher energy systems and for releasing stagnant energy .

CHROMOTHERAPY uses Color Energy to Balance each Meridian.

CHROMOTHERAPY  uses Color Energy to Balance each Meridian.
By placing the appropriate color disc in the crystal light torch, and by running this color along an meridian, or holding it over the corresponding acupressure holding points, energy will be assisted to flow through these areas and balance will be achieved.




A ChromoTherapy session usually lasts about an hour and a half. The client (fully clothed) can either sit in a chair or lay on a massage table ~ Being comfortable is very important.

I often muscle test or intuit to see which priority meridian is blocked, and then proceed with the ChromoTherapy session using the appropriate colored lights that match the meridian and its corresponding acupressure point.

The colored torches I use are the ChromoTherapy Crystal Light and the Spectrahue - Lumalight penlight, both are very effective in the rebalancing process.

I add some or all of these other Therapy's in a Chromotherapy sessions:
* Gem Essences
* Flower Essences
* Color Energy Essential Oils placed on specific Acu-points to assist in the body's re-balancing.
* Chakra Balancing
* Auricular Therapy
* Flora Acupuncture

My location is: The Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys of British Columbia, Canada.

I also offer Color Light Therapy for Small Animals, Birds and other Species of Animals.

What some clients have said about my Chromotherapy treatments:
" Sue's sensitivity to the body's physiognomy is exceptional...this is wonderful healing experience on all levels...a gentle loving healing experience that goes very deep...all done with humour and loving kindness. " ~ Sunnaira

For more information and to make an appointment for a Chromotherapy session please contact me at:

innerpathways22@yahoo.ca or 250-499-5209250-499-5209

Colors in Nature

Colors in Nature
" The colors of nature are, scientifically speaking, different wavelengths of light striking your retina and being interpreted as colors by your brain. These different wavelengths are, in essence, a form of energy medicine. Light is energy, and what your body needs to be healthy is exposure to a diverse assortment of those energy wavelengths. That's why looking at all the various colors of flowers, plants and animals is, by itself, a healing experience. It also stimulates the brain to become more active and more intelligent. Spending more time in nature allows your brain to explore a more diverse natural reality, causing it to function at a higher cognitive level. " ~ Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com




Winter colors are cleansing (white), grounding (browns), reflective (blacks and greys), calming (blues) and joyful (sunlight yellow)....

Friday, October 18, 2013

Colour Bath Breathing

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Color therapy is a type of vibrational or energetic therapy that uses color to affect energy and emotional well being. It can be used to balance your individual chakra energy centers.

The Color Blue or Aqua (turquoise) Colored Glasses

The Color Blue or Aqua (turquoise) Colored Glasses
Some children and adults with dyslexia have found that using color can overcome their difficulty reading. Looking through the color blue or aqua (turquoise) often helps to make reading significantly easier.

Help for Dyslexia with Colors.

There are many ways to deal with dyslexia. One of the useful tools is Color, it has been used to assist a person to move towards reading and functioning happily in this world.

Some children and adults with dyslexia have found that using color can overcome their difficulty reading. Looking through the color blue or aqua (turquoise) often helps to make reading significantly easier. Sometimes orange works. But sometime a different color works better.

In the past, color transparencies or overlays placed over the page of a book or in front of a computer screen were the only way for dyslexics to take advantage of color to help them. These proved difficult and awkward to use. Now color therapy glasses are available. They make it easier to get the same results. Lenses can be tinted in any color.

One Story
A store owner who sells these color therapy glasses had a mother and her two daughters come in one day. Both daughters were dyslexic and had eyes which fluttered from side to side, making it difficult for them to read. They had come in for blue glasses, but those proved to be too dark. So they tried the aqua which were lighter. Amazingly, both daughters' eyes stopped fluttering and they could both read without difficulty.



I am now adding FloraL Acupuncture to my Chromotherapy sessions. Floral Acupuncture™ is a new healing modality in which flower essences instead of needles are used to move energy (Qi) through the Acupuncture Meridian system.